Well jingle my bells...
It's been a while since the last update so here I am to bring you up to speed on all things Astronauts.

Let's kick things off with some Christmas karma. On Monday the 23rd of December we will be sharing the Fibbers stage with many of Yorks finest musicians in order to raise money for the victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster. We're going to be throwing a couple of new songs your way because it's Christmas and we love you.

Next we're looking towards the new year with wild eyes and frothing a good way.

We're kicking off the new year by returning to the Fibbers stage on Saturday the 11th of January (with support from The Fauns and Game Theory) to celebrate the birth of our esteemed bass player, the man who brings the funky thunder, Sir Stuart of Fletcher. He's gonna be all old and stuff. And what better way to celebrate than by debuting the new tracks from our up and coming second album. You'll hear them here first boys and girls.

Speaking of new songs, we've got 'em.

The first album was some pretty intense rockin' and or rollin' with some softer, albeit heavy, tracks to give it some variation (but then you already new that because you all bought the first album.....hyuk hyuk hyuk).

We're going for a nice mix of styles for the second album.
We're moving into some slightly more mainstream waters with our "Pop" tracks "Guess what I'm not" and "Fits and Starts" (working title). They'll get you on the dance floor and get stuck in your heads (for better or worse).
For those of you who prefered the audio punch to the face that was "The Volunteer" you can rest easy. We have the 8-bit fury that is "Big Top, Bad Luck" and the punch to the guts that is "Shapeless Ape" to satisfy your twisted needs.

We have some big ideas for the next album. You'll hear about them all right here.

Same Bat time, same Bat channel.
20 December 2013
Spacehog Support
We're proud to announce we'll be main support for legendary 90's band Spacehog!
The show is on Thursday 3rd October in our home town of York, UK.
We have limited advance tickets available from our store on this very website at £8 each. Tickets will be £12.50 after these have gone so get them while you can!
Hope to see you there! :)
11 September 2013
Europe Bound
So once again it's been a long time since our last news update.
We're now busy booking shows around the country and....drum roll please....we're going to Oslo and Lithuania! Our first shows outside the UK!
Keep an eye on our tour page and see if we're coming to a venue near you! We'd love to see your faces :)

In other news, this section of our site will be changing soon so it becomes more like a Facebook newsfeed. You'll be able to see here when new shows, videos, tunes etc are added to the site. Should make it a little easier to keep up with what we're up to.

We've also uploaded a few new videos and a sneek peek at one of the songs from the second album which we're currently writing. So check out Wretched Corpse Pinata if you haven't already!
22 March 2013
Lost At Sea
Wow! It's been ages since a news update!

We're currently booking our 2013 tour and festival dates all over the country so keep an eye out as we may be coming to a venue/field near you.

We've been Reverbnation artist of the week on 94.4FM Salford City Radio which had them playing tracks from our debut album every night....which is very nice of them :)

We then got song of the week on with "Loose Lips" so loads of new astrobuddies made via them....which is also nice!

The album is now in pretty much every online store we can find including the all new Google Play Music which is amazing.

Work has begun on our second, and so far untitled album which at the moment is all hush hush so all we're gonna say about it is that there's a track called Shark Attack on it which we had half written at the album launch. This is now finished and sounds a lot better than it did when we previewed it to you lovely lot who came down to the launch.

I guess all we can say is WATCH THIS SPACE!!! Big things are a coming!

23 November 2012
They All Included Me!
Our album can now be heard and purchased all over the internet.


Amazon MP3:


MySpace Music:


To name but a few :) and from our very own site right here!

We're spreading the music as far and wide as we can get share it about and help us get it further.
19 October 2012
Video Killed errrm Your Mum
At last! We have not only our debut album out and for sale right here on this site (along with iTunes, CD Baby and will soon be on Spotify) we also have a music video for the epic Game Over, taken from said debut album.

Thanks to everyone who helped rasie the money for the album and launch show. The night was a massive success and we're already getting rave reviews from the evening. Time to get the album reviewed!

So, check out the new video, the new album and everything else that seems to be falling in to place at the minute....most of all....rock on Wayne!
14 October 2012
Some Kind Of New Radio Bird
Although we didn't place in Surface Festival 2012 we're very proud to have played in the international final at the O2 after making it to the last 28 bands from 11,000.

Never ones to sit back we're the BBC Radio York Introducing guests this week (to be aired Saturday 6th October) where you can hear us play Lost At Sea aswell as The Beatles classic, Norwegian Wood (to celebrate 50 years of the Beatles) both in an acoustic format!

Along with this we're back in London on the 5th October to play The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell and then the O2 Academy in Sheffield on the 14th.

The most exciting date in our diaries at the moment though is our album launch party! It's been such a long time coming, it's finally ready to be unleashed onto the world! The album launch party is gonna be huge and we're going all out to make sure of it. Do come along to the Post Office Club, Marygate, York on the 12th October and witness a full on rock show.
01 October 2012
London O2 Here We Come
Great news!

We've successfully made it through to the International Final of Surface Festival 2012. This means we get to play IndigO2 in the London O2 Arena.

We're playing against 27 other bands for the top spot infront of a huge audience of fans and insdustry peeps.

To help us win you can text NORTH 2003 to 64343 (texts cost £1) as many times as you can. The more votes we have the better as it counts towards 25% of our final score.

Hope to see you there :)
03 September 2012
We Could Be Astronauts
We're all booked for lift off with our album launch but we need your help!

We need to pre sell our album and tickets to the launch party to get the album into a physical state....please check out our IndieGoGo page: HERE

and our Facebook event for the show: HERE


Hope to rock you there :)
21 July 2012
Cambridge Rock Festival
We Could Be Astronauts have been booked for the Cambridge Rock Festival this year.

More info can be found on our dates page here: more info
14 July 2012
Butcher Shop Choir Of News
So we're currently getting ourselves ready for T In The Park. Free CDs made and being put together to hand out.

More shows have been added to our schedule including the O2 in Sheffield, 2 dates in Manchester, and a couple of local slots. Check them out here: Dates.

We're looking at getting a Liverpool show at the Cavern and an album release show in York. Watch this space!
05 July 2012
It's All Taking Off!
So this month has been a great month for us!

We've been booked for T In The Park, we're going to be on Look North and on Radio York again.

Got quite a few dates in July already booked in, also shows for Sheffield and Liverpool are well underway.

The album artwork is pretty much finished and we've started to plan our album release party in York.

Tickets are also now on sale for the Surface Festival semi finals!! We're already winning by text vote so far but please don't think that means we don't need your help. We need you now more than ever. With your continued support we could go on to win this thing!

Thanks to everyone who's working as hard as we are to break on through to the other side...we REALLY appreciate it and love you all for it.
28 June 2012
T In The Park
We've been booked to play T In The Park on the BBC Introducing stage!

We're playing on Saturday 7th July at 18:30

More info can be found here
20 June 2012
Down The Street
Some new dates added to our shows list. One in Leeds and one in Manchester (non Surface Festival)

See more details here: more
18 June 2012
Semi Finals Here We Come
After another successful round in Surface Festival 2012 we're happy to announce we're through to the semi finals!

More details will be posted when we know them or you can check out the website here:

Thanks to all that came to show your support and all the people who text in, we really appreciate it :)
08 June 2012
Radio Ga Ga
We're getting played on BBC Radio York again!

Saturday 2nd June between 18:00 and 19:00.

Have a listen! 103.7, 104.3, 95.5 FM or online at
02 June 2012
Turn The Corner Down The Street
Our first trip down south to the lovely town of Cambridge has now been added to our dates.

We're playing The Cornerhouse pub which is well known for it's music nights.

For more information check out our dates page here
26 May 2012
Radio Ga Ga
We're getting played on BBC Radio York again!

Saturday 26th May between 18:00 and 19:00.

Have a listen! 103.7, 104.3, 95.5 FM or online at
23 May 2012
WCBA Playing Beer and Music Festival
Another date added to the calender.

For more information check out our Dates page: here
15 May 2012
New Show Added
We Could Be Astronauts will be playing in Easingwold market place as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

For more information check out our Dates page: here
10 May 2012
Good As Gone
Our new store now is up and running so no more remnants of the old site.

We'll be selling tickets to shows here when they're available plus we already have some merch in there.

Have a browse around and see if anything takes your fancy: here
07 May 2012
There's Something About The Rain
We're all SoundClouded up on here now with a few samples of our coming album.

They're sounding pretty sweet we think and we owe a big thanks to Fraser Smith for doing such a blinding job.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.
30 April 2012
Chucking It To The Wolves
Welcome to the all new We Could Be Astronauts website!

As much as we loved the old one, it was just too messy to navigate around and wasn't really living up to what we wanted. So, we've chucked it away and this is now our home.

Please sign up to our Mailing List just on the right and thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon.
29 April 2012